Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Lilac and mint coloured glass speckled heart dangly drop earringsearrings, fused glass heartsearrings, heart earringsearrings, fused glass earringsearrings,



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Heart piercedshaped piercedsolid piercedglass piercedearrings piercedmade piercedfrom pierced piercedglass piercedfrit piercedincluding pierceda piercedsmattering piercedof pierceddichroic. piercedThese piercedearrings piercedare pierceda piercedlovely piercedmixture piercedof piercedpredominantly piercedlilac, piercedmint piercedgreen piercedand piercedyellow/green piercedBullseye piercedglass. piercedThe piercedhearts piercedmeasure pierced17mm piercedacross. piercedThe piercedearrings piercedhave piercedsilver piercedplated piercedbails piercedand piercedsilver piercedwires piercedand piercedcome piercedin pierceda piercedgift piercedbox.

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