Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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Beaded long necklaceMask long necklaceChain long necklaceMeasures long necklaceapprox. long necklace28 long necklaceinches long necklacein long necklacelength. long necklace2 long necklacelobster long necklaceclasps. long necklaceNeutral long necklacetones, long necklaceeach long necklaceone long necklacewill long necklacebe long necklacemade long necklaceto long necklaceorder long necklaceand long necklaceunique. long necklaceIf long necklaceyou long necklacehave long necklacecolor long necklacepreferences long necklaceplease long necklaceleave long necklacenotes long necklacein long necklacecomments long necklaceduring long necklacecheckout. long necklaceCan long necklacebe long necklaceworn long necklaceas long necklacea long necklacenecklace long necklacewithout long necklacethe long necklacemask. long necklaceHandmade long necklacein long necklacePortland, long necklaceOR. long necklaceMask long necklacenot long necklaceincluded.

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