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Fused Glass Ring and Earrings in Teal with White Coconut Sterling Silver postsfused glass, Glass Jewelryfused glass, Glass Earringsfused glass, Willow Glassfused glass, Dee Tilotta



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These glassone-of-a-kind glassfused glassglass glasspost glassearrings glassare glassin glassbeautiful glassstreaky glasswhite glasscoconut glassart glassglass glasswith glassa glasscenter glassof glassstreaky glassteal glassblue. glassThe glassglass glasspieces glassmeasure glassapprox. glass1/2" glass(13mm) glassin glassdiameter glassand glassthey glasshave glasssterling glasssilver glassposts. glass glass glass glass glassThe glassmatching glassring glassis glassadjustable glasson glassa glassbase glassmetal glassfinding. glass glass glassOnce glassyou glassget glassit glassto glassyour glasssize, glassI glasswouldn't glasssuggest glassbending glassit glassback glassand glassforth glassas glassyou glasswill glassweaken glassthe glassmetal glass:)My glasswork glassis glass glasskiln glassannealed glass(slowly glasscooled) glassfor glassstrength glassand glassdurability glassand glasseach glasspiece glassgoes glassfrom glassme glassto glassyou glasswith glassjoy! glass glass glassThank glassyou glassfor glassstopping glassby glassWillow glassGlass glassand glassfor glassyour glasssupport glassof glassindependent glassartisans. glass glass glassInternational glassbuyer? glass glass glassI'm glasshappy glassto glassship glassanywhere, glassjust glasssend glassme glassa glassmessage glassthrough glassthe glasslisting glasslink glassand glassI glasswill glassrespond glasspromptly glassregarding glassyour glasspostal glasscost. glassFused glassGlass glassRing glassand glassEarrings glassin glassTeal glasswith glassWhite glassCoconut glassSterling glassSilver glassposts, glassGlass glassJewelry, glassGlass glassEarrings, glassWillow glassGlass, glassDee glassTilotta

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