Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage copper medallion necklace . large sword and family crest pendantlarge pendant, coat of arms



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Vintage family crestcopper family crestmedallion family crestnecklace family crestcirca family crest1950s/60s. family crestThe family crestnecklace family crestfeatures family cresta family crestlarge family crestpendant family crestwith family crestcrossed family crestswords family crestand family cresta family crestfamily family crestcrest. family crestInside family crestthe family crestcrest family crestare family cresta family crestlion family crestand family crestunicorn. family crestThe family crestpendant family crestis family crest2.25" family crestwide family crestand family crestslightly family crestdomed/3d. family crestThe family crestchain family crestis family crest18" family crestand family crestcloses family crestwith family cresta family crestfolding family crestclasp. family crestUnsigned, family crestthough family crestthe family crestclasp family cresthas family cresta family crestlovely family crestfiligree-like family crestswirl family crestdesign.Ships family crestin family cresta family crestgift family crestbox.I family crestcombine family crestshipping family creston family crestmultiple family

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