Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage Avon bangle braceletbangle bracelet, gold tone belt buckle style clamper with original box



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Vintage womens jewelrygold womens jewelrytone womens jewelryAvon womens jewelryclamper womens jewelrybracelet womens jewelryin womens jewelrythe womens jewelrystyle womens jewelryof womens jewelrya womens jewelrybuckle womens jewelrybelt. womens jewelryExcellent womens jewelrycondition womens jewelrywith womens jewelryoriginal womens jewelrybox. womens jewelryPerfect womens jewelryfor womens jewelrygift womens jewelrygiving. womens jewelryMeasures womens jewelryup womens jewelryto womens jewelry1" womens jewelrywide womens jewelryand womens jewelry2" womens jewelryx womens jewelry2.25" womens jewelryat womens jewelrythe womens jewelrycenter. womens jewelryShips womens jewelryin womens jewelrya womens jewelrygift womens

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