Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Choice Polymer Clay Pendant with Resin on Black Cordresin, OOAK Pendantsresin, Choose Color and Shaperesin, Willow Glassresin, Dee Tilotta



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Your resinchoice resinof resinone-of-a-kind resin resinpendants resinmade resinfrom resinpolymer resinclay resinand resincoated resinin resinresin resinfor resinshine resinand resindurability. resin resin resinEach resincomes resinon resinan resin18" resinblack resinrubber resincord resinand resinyou resincan resinchoose resinfrom:Pink resinand resinSilver resinGray resincircle resinmeasuring resin1-1/4" resinin resindiameterOrange resinand resinSand-colored resinteardrop resinmeasuring resin1-1/2" resinin resinlengthChartreuse resinand resinSilver resinGray resinsquared resinteardrop resinmeasuring resin1-3/4" resinin resinlengthThanks resinfor resinstopping resinby resinWillow resinGlass resinand resinfor resinyour resinsupport resinof resinindependent resinartisans.Choice resinPolymer resinClay resinPendant resinwith resinResin resinon resinBlack resinCord, resin resinOOAK resinPendants, resinChoose resinColor resinand resinShape, resinWillow resinGlass, resinDee resinTilotta

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