Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

CLEARANCE Dichroic Fused Glass Bracelet in Pink OR Orange Choicecabochon bracelet, Glass Jewelrycabochon bracelet, 2 Different Sizes Braceletcabochon bracelet, Willow Glasscabochon bracelet, Dee Tilotta



In stock



HALF color choicePRICE, color choiceoriginally color choice$30 color choiceeach.These color choicebeautiful color choicedichroic color choicefused color choiceglass color choicebracelet color choicemeasure color choiceapproximately color choice color choice7" color choiceto color choice8" color choicein color choicelength color choice, color choicehave color choicesilverplated color choicelinks color choiceand color choice13 color choicedichroic color choicepieces color choicein color choicedeep color choicepink color choiceor color choice11 color choicedichroic color choicepieces color choicein color choicejuicy color choiceorange! color choice color choice color choiceThe color choiceglass color choicepieces color choicemeasure color choiceapproxiately color choice11mm color choicein color choicediameter color choice(just color choiceunder color choice1/2" color choiceeach). color choiceDepending color choiceon color choicethe color choiceangle color choicethat color choiceit's color choiceviewed color choiceat, color choicedichroic color choiceglass color choicereflects color choiceand color choicetransmits color choicedifferent color choicecolors.So, color choiceplease color choiceremember color choicethat color choicethe color choicepink color choiceis color choicejust color choicea color choicebit color choicelonger color choicethan color choicethe color choiceorange!My color choicework color choiceis color choicefired color choiceat color choicetemperatures color choiceup color choiceto color choice1500 color choicedegrees color choiceand color choiceis color choicekiln color choiceannealed color choice(slowly color choicecooled) color choicefor color choicestrength color choiceand color choicedurability. color choiceEach color choicepiece color choicegoes color choicefrom color choiceme color choiceto color choiceyou color choicewith color choicejoy!Thanks color choicefor color choicestopping color choiceby color choiceWillow color choiceGlass color choiceand color choicefor color choiceyour color choicesupport color choiceof color choiceindependent color choiceartisans.CLEARANCE color choiceDichroic color choiceFused color choiceGlass color choiceBracelet color choicein color choicePink color choiceOR color choiceOrange color choiceChoice, color choiceGlass color choiceJewelry, color choice2 color choiceDifferent color choiceSizes color choiceBracelet, color choiceWillow color choiceGlass, color choiceDee color choiceTilotta

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