Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage black and white striped bead strand necklaceheishi necklace, tribal heishi style long strand



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Vintage striped necklacebead striped necklacestrand striped necklaceheishi striped necklacestyle striped necklacenecklace, striped necklacefeels striped necklacelike striped necklaceplastic striped necklacebut striped necklacehas striped necklacea striped necklacelittle striped necklaceweight striped necklaceto striped necklaceit striped necklaceand striped necklacealmost striped necklacea striped necklaceglass striped necklacelook. striped necklaceExcellent striped necklacecondition, striped necklaceno striped necklaceflaws. striped necklaceQuite striped necklacelovely striped necklaceand striped necklacewell striped necklacemade. striped necklaceMeasures striped necklace29.5" striped necklacelong.Ships striped necklacein striped necklacea striped necklacegift striped necklacebox.I striped necklacecombine striped necklaceshipping striped necklaceon striped necklacemultiple striped

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