Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Fused Glass Christmas Tree Pinjewelry, Blue Christmas Limited Editionjewelry, Jewelry Accessoriesjewelry, Glass Shards Tree Pinjewelry, Willow Glassjewelry, Dee Tilotta



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Fused unisexglass unisexpin unisexin unisexa unisexChristmas unisextree unisexdesign. unisexIt's unisexon unisexa unisexbase unisexof unisexroyal unisexblue unisexglass unisexover unisexwhich unisexI've unisexfully unisexfused unisexshards unisexin unisexlemon unisexlime unisexand unisexwhite. unisexIt unisexmeasures unisexapproximately unisex2-1/2" unisexin unisexlength unisexhas unisexa unisexquality unisexpinback unisexaffixed unisexto unisexthe unisexback. unisexThere unisexwere unisexonly unisex3 unisexpins unisexmade unisexin unisexthis unisexlimited unisexedition.Created unisexin unisexmy unisexGulf unisexCoast unisexFL unisexstudio unisexand unisexkiln unisexannealed unisex(slowly unisexcooled) unisexfor unisexstrength unisexand unisexdurability. unisexEach unisexpiece unisexgoes unisexfrom unisexme unisexto unisexyou unisexwith unisexjoy!Thank unisexyou unisexfor unisexstopping unisexby unisexWillow unisexGlass unisexand unisexfor unisexyour unisexsupport unisexof unisexindependent unisexartisans.Fused unisexGlass unisexChristmas unisexTree unisexPin, unisexBlue unisexChristmas unisexLimited unisexEdition, unisexJewelry unisexAccessories, unisexGlass unisexShards unisexTree unisexPin, unisexWillow unisexGlass, unisexDee unisexTilotta

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