Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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Antiqued rose pinkRose rose pinkPink rose pinkCrystal rose pinkVictorian rose pinkStyle rose pinkDangle rose pinkDrop rose pinkEarrings.Sparkling rose pinkAntique rose pinkRose rose pinkmulti rose pinkfaceted rose pinkSwarovski rose pinkcrystal rose pinkbeads.Antiqued rose pinkSilver rose pinkplated rose pinkbead rose pinkcaps rose pinkand rose pinkFrench rose pinkhook rose pinkear rose pinkwires, rose pinknickel rose pinkfree.8mm rose pinkCrystals.1-1/4" rose pinktop rose pinkto rose pinkbottom.Handmade rose pinkby rose pinkme, rose pinkon rose pinkMaui, rose pinkand rose pinksent rose pinkto rose pinkyou rose pinkwith rose pinkAloha!My rose pinkown rose pinkOriginal rose pinkdesign, rose pinkmade rose pinkusing rose pinkHigh-Quality rose pinkCrystal rose pinkfrom rose pinkSWAROVSKI

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