Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Dichroic Glass Pendants Mini Pairjewelry, Dichroic Glass Jewelryjewelry, Fused Dichroic Glass Pendantjewelry, Mommy and Mejewelry, BFFjewelry, Willow Glassjewelry, Dee Tilotta



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These pinkmatching pinkmini pinkdichroic pinkglass pinkpendants pinkare pinkperfect pinkfor pinkMommy pinkand pinkMe pinkor pinkfor pinka pinkcouple pinkof pinkBFF's. pink pink pinkEach pinkmeasures pinka pinkpetite pink1" pinkby pinkjust pinkover pink1/2" pinkand pinkhas pinka pinkrolled pinksilver pinkbail pinkfor pinkyour pinkto pinksuspend pinkyour pinkchain pinkor pinkcord pinkfrom. pink pink pink pinkThe pinkpattern pinkis pinka pinkhexagon pinkin pinkprimarily pinkpink pinkand pinkpurple pinkover pinka pinkbase pinkof pinkblack pinkart pinkglass.My pinkwork pinkcreated pinkin pinkmy pinkGulf pinkCoast pinkFL pinkstudio pinkand pink pinkis pinkkiln pinkannealed pink(slowly pinkcooled) pinkfor pinkstrength pinkand pinkdurability. pink pink pinkEach pinkpiece pinkgoes pinkfrom pinkme pinkto pinkyou pinkwith pinkjoy.Thanks pinkfor pinkstopping pinkby pinkWillow pinkGlass pinkand pinkfor pinkyour pinksupport pinkof pinkindependent pinkartisans pink:)Dichroic pinkGlass pinkPendants pinkMini pinkPair, pink pinkDichroic pinkGlass pinkJewelry, pinkFused pinkDichroic pinkGlass pinkPendant, pinkMommy pinkand pinkMe, pinkBFF, pink pinkWillow pinkGlass, pinkDee pinkTilotta

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