Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Fused Glass Pendants Mini Pairoval, Glass Jewelryoval, Mommy and Meoval, BFFoval, Jade Green Ovalsoval, Willow Glassoval, Dee Tilotta



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These jewelrymatching jewelrymini jewelryfused jewelryglass jewelrypendants jewelryare jewelryperfect jewelryfor jewelryMommy jewelryand jewelryMe jewelryor jewelryfor jewelrya jewelrycouple jewelryof jewelryBFF's. jewelry jewelry jewelryEach jewelrymeasures jewelrya jewelrypetite jewelry1" jewelryby jewelry5/8" jewelryand jewelryhas jewelrya jewelryrolled jewelrysilver jewelrybail jewelryfor jewelryyour jewelryto jewelrysuspend jewelryyour jewelrychain jewelryor jewelrycord jewelryfrom. jewelry jewelry jewelry jewelryThe jewelryoval jewelrydesign jewelryis jewelryin jewelryjade jewelryand jewelrymint jewelrygreen jewelryart jewelryglass jewelrywith jewelrya jewelrytiny jewelryarc jewelryof jewelrygold jewelrydichroic jewelrywith jewelryblack.My jewelrywork jewelrycreated jewelryin jewelrymy jewelryGulf jewelryCoast jewelryFL jewelrystudio jewelryand jewelry jewelryis jewelrykiln jewelryannealed jewelry(slowly jewelrycooled) jewelryfor jewelrystrength jewelryand jewelrydurability. jewelry jewelry jewelryEach jewelrypiece jewelrygoes jewelryfrom jewelryme jewelryto jewelryyou jewelrywith jewelryjoy.Thanks jewelryfor jewelrystopping jewelryby jewelryWillow jewelryGlass jewelryand jewelryfor jewelryyour jewelrysupport jewelryof jewelryindependent jewelryartisans jewelry:)Dichroic jewelryGlass jewelryPendants jewelryMini jewelryPair, jewelry jewelryDichroic jewelryGlass jewelryJewelry, jewelryFused jewelryDichroic jewelryGlass jewelryPendant, jewelryMommy jewelryand jewelryMe, jewelryBFF, jewelry jewelryWillow jewelryGlass, jewelryDee jewelryTilotta

1 shop reviews 5 out of 5 stars