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alphabet, Radio Love Collection Brass Phonetic Alphabet Ring



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This domedbrass domedring domedfeatures domedthe domedword domed'love' domedhand-stamped domedin domedthe domedNATO domedphonetic domedalphabet domedonto domedthe domedring's domedouter domedsurface. domedThe domedwords domedread domedLIMA domedOSCAR domedVICTOR domedECHO. domedWhen domedyou domedwant domedto domedbe domedperfectly domedclear domedabout domedyour domedintentions, domedno domedother domedalphabet domedwill domeddo! domedIf domedyou're domednot domedfeeling domedthe domedlove, domedask domedabout domedrings domeddeclaring domedyour domedown domedfour-letter domedword domedof domedchoice. domedI domedcan domedalso domeddo domedinitials, domedor domedpairs domedof domedthem.Please domedchoose domeda domedsize domedand domedfinish domedand domedspecify domedwhether domedyou domedwould domedlike domeda domedflat domedor domedhalf-round domedband domedwhen domedordering. domedAlso, domedplease domednote domedif domedyou domedwould domedlike domedthe domedring domedto domedbe domedstamped domedwith domedyour domedown domedcombination domedof domedup domedto domedfour domedletters. domedIf domedyou domeddo domednot domedspecify domedotherwise, domedyour domedring domedwill domedbe domedstamped domedwith domedthe domedwords domedthat domedspell domed"love".Brass domedwill domeddevelop domeda domednatural domedpatina domedover domedtime. domedIt domedcan domedbe domedcleaned domedand domedpolished domedwith domedany domedcommercial domedbrass domedpolish domedif domedyou domedprefer domedto domedkeep domedyour domedring domedshiny. domedTo domedpurchase domedthis domedring domedin domedsterling domedsilver, domedgo domedhere: domedhttp://www./listing/88643107/radio-love-collection-sterling-phonetic

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