Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

metal, Hand Sculpted Silver Tone Cast Metal Large Insect Brooch with Swarovski Crystals



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Large pinmetal pininsect pinpin pincast pinfrom pinan pinoriginal pinmodel pinI pinsculpted, pinhand pinfinished pinand pinset pinwith pinSwarovski pincrystals pinwith pinan pinaurora pinborealis pinfinish. pinMy pinsignature pintag pinis pinon pinthe pinback. pinIt pinmeasures pin2 pininches pinby pin2 pininches.My pinhandmade pinjewelry pinhas pinbeen pinsold pinin pinbetter pinstores pinsuch pinas pinSaks pinand pinBarneys pinand pinfeatured pinin pinNew pinYork pinMagazine, pinElle, pinHarper's pinBazaar, pinand pinVogue. pinI pinalso pindesigned pinhand pinfinished pinbuttons pinfor pinSteve pinFabrikant pinand pinother pinNYC pindesigners pinfor pinmany pinyears.Pewter pinbase pinmetal, pinsterling pinsilver pinplate, pinstainless pinsteel pinfindings.Please pinfollow pinmy pinFacebook pinpay pinat pintime pinof pinpurchase.

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